About Network better

For a long time, I believed that businesses are just people.  Not a concept automatically embraced by every business person, but one gaining increasing favour.

Unfortunately, I have changed my mind.  Businesses are just the relationships between people.

After all, if the people in a business had no relation to each other, to their clients and suppliers, and to the wider groups of stakeholders, the business would be frozen.  It would be unable to make any progress whatsoever.

Any movement is achieved only by the work done by people, working with other people.  Even the writer of a book (tell me about it) is rarely writing in isolation:  the contents of my book were informed by my involvement with very many people and I worked with more people as the book took shape.  The most reclusive of novelists still must engage with publishers and from where did their insight into and understanding of people come from?

Relationships between people are the stock in trade of emotional intelligence at work, my main business,

The Network better initiative addresses a subset of all the relationships, and relationship issues, people in business have.  But a particularly important one.

The argument is:  someone will (or at least should) only become your client when they know, like and trust you.  That takes time.  Probably more time than is realistically possible in many cases.  Far better if your prospective client has been referred to you by a third person whom the prospect already knows, likes and trusts.

Since such a third person may well be able to refer their contacts to you repeatedly, it makes sense to invest time and energy in developing a relationship with them.

But how do we do this and how do we find these people in the first place?

A popular and obvious answer lies in going to networking events.  And the better one can function in these events, the more likely one is going to be able to find good potential business partners.

It’s also true that most networking events simply are not fit for purpose.  The people who run them often do not really get what their function is, and/or they have an unhelpful attitude to the events (entirely unwitting:  I am sure that they genuinely wish to help).

So, the need is for business people to realise that the best clients come from referrals, and referrals come from people who both know, like and trust you and are also known, liked and trusted by their contacts, your prospective clients.  And they learn that by trying it.

Business people need to be good at making a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.  Helping people do that is the purpose of the Network better initiative.

What is Network better?

The Network better initiative is a set of offerings:

The training/mentoring programme is run inhouse and is customised to meet the specific needs of each client business.

One-to-one coaching/mentoring is also available, either separately or to supplement the programme.

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